Why We Like Las Vegas Real Estate

Initial presentation in 2011, before all these hedge funds got on board the distressed real estate trade. Why We Like Las Vegas Real Estate More »

Las Vegas Real Estate Presentation #3

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The Economic Collapse

The move out to Las Vegas has been wild, and we’re glad we made it. Yes we’re making returns that outstrip anything you’ll see in conventional products, but that’s not the point.

The Future of Las Vegas Real Estate

When investing in any real estate market, it’s important to understand the short, medium, and long-term trends. Real estate is all about cash flow and passive income, so if future cash flow

Revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas

Here’s a bullish article that details Tony Hsieh’s efforts to revitalize Downtown Las Vegas. Downtown Las Vegas is basically a locals hangout spot with a lot of potential. Everyone I’ve brought there loves it.

Finding Value in a Rising Market

If you’ve been in the Las Vegas market at it’s valley, you know that the values currently available aren’t as robust. This is due in part to AB 284, which killed inventory,

Goldman Sachs Bullish on Housing

It’s about time, but Goldman Sachs is bullish on housing.The fundamentals right now are the best they’ve been in a generation, and I think people will be shocked by the cyclical rally that

Las Vegas Real Estate and Baby Boomers

The best way to forecast the future is to focus on things that are guaranteed to happen. As we all know, people age, and when they do their spending habits change. In

New Record Lows for Mortgage Rates

The unique economic environment we are currently in continues as mortgage rates hit a new record low today. While low rates aren’t spurring an revival in housing, all signs do point to a

Las Vegas Prices Broadly Rising

One of the trends we’ve been harping on that makes Las Vegas such a good investment vehicle in our opinion is the bifurcation in the real estate market nationally. Broadly speaking, we

Bidding Wars in Las Vegas

With all the hoopla surrounding the housing woes in Las Vegas, it will probably come as a surprise to many that there is an incipient bubble building in Las Vegas real estate-

Video: What $150K will buy in New York vs. Las Vegas

One of the great myths about homes in Las Vegas is that they are generally old, dilapidated, and in need of repair. Admittedly these type of myths are beneficial for people like